Saturday, February 10, 2007

water and oil

Water and oil? Impossile! That's all i can say...

Thursday, February 08, 2007


heya people! Sorry i havent been blogging for awhile. I feel really lazy and useless! LOL! Anyways, im finally here in hawaii. It's fucking amazing here.. but it doesn't feel complete coz i dont have my best friend here with me. I miss you so much liz, i really do...

Hawaii has been great so far. I'm finally attached. Yeah, it's weird, i have someone now. I don't wanna post pictures yet.. i will soon, don't worry...

I'm on my balcony smoking now.. i've cut down on smoking a lot. Down to 2-3 a day! Amazing, huh?

Kinda feeling emo at the moment coz i miss my alaskan boy.. that's why i kinda dislike being attached.. i get too clingy and i think too too much! What have you done to me, Arlen? I don't know.. but it sure feels great around you. :)

Well, i don't know what else to say now. Take care everyone! Love you all lots! Mahalo! ;)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

couples 1...2...3!!

As I stared into the open, I can't stop seeing couples holding hands. It's like walking in a land that has February 14 everyday. OR being in a loveboat of life.

The soft side of me questioned, "why isn't this happening to me?" Just one word.. from a fling revelealed the truth... "You're fat!". As hard as swallowing a panadol or two, i had to ingest it nonetheless. Being that, I am like a butterfly cycle now. Trying my best to change... for the betterment!

On the other hand, my logic side of the brain pathetically repeats itself, "it's not the right time..". Now, that's a sweeter candy to be sucked on, not swallowed! :)

Consequently, I can't stop but wonder, does being attached makes one happier? Or is it better not to even test the water?

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Here's something i've been wanting to do for a long time....

Liz... you are like my other half. I've known you for aeons and things still feel good when we're together. You're a jolly good company to have! You know everything about me. Even if i had to pick you up from Shah Alam and send you back home, i still love you! Words can't describe what i feel about our friendship..

Ju.. We haven't been hanging for quite sometime. Things are starting to change and i hate it. I don't know if it's for the best or not. Anyways, you do know that I have only about 4 months left in Malaysia. And then i'll be long gone. You've always been the 'maintained' one between us. You've always been the popular one - one guy after another. MMU sucks! It ripped a lot of our friendship away! :S

Li sze.. i'm so glad i met you in Advertising class. It's fate that brought us together in the same group. And no, i didn't mean it when i said "i hope not" when Lavi asked "is this the final group for our last assignment?". You are one in a million! I like the fact that you can be so honest at times! You are one gorgeous chick! I also love that you can be soo spontaneous! I love you Li Sze! I our friendship will be stronger than it is in Fullerton! MUAH!

Lianne!!! OMG OMG! You're sooo fun to be with! Your laughter is soo contageous - I just love it! I just met you 2 years ago, while you were sitting outside club 7 (That bitch club was still very nice back then). I'm so glad that i actually approached you. I always know that you're really REALLY pretty. Someday babe, you're going to get really far! I can't believe you just left us all yesterday. You bitch! =P Have fun in Hawai'i. I love you loads! XOXO

Amir...boobs... whatever they call you. You're a great friend to be with. All the teasing and mean things i say to you are not at all true. You think i'm really that mean? I guess sometimes you can get pretty annoying. I guess that's what makes you, YOU! And trust me, we're all going to miss that when we leave the country. A lot of people say that you're good looking. Most of my friends think so too. Don't think yourself too low, ok? One word of advice - Don't let the world control you coz it is YOU who controls the world! ;)

Amri... A conflict brought us closer to each other. I never knew we could be this close. I'm really glad that we've met. You're very good at what you're doing so keep on doing it and you'll get far. Trust me on this. Try not to be too humble about your work too coz sometimes, being humble doesn't get you anywhere. Be proud of yourself and remember to flaunt yourself! I really don't want you to go back to cyberia...i'll miss you when you move back there. No more smoking buddy...

Andrew Andrew... we've been through a lot. After one bloody incident, things started to change. I just have to be more cautious around you. I can't help but to learn from my mistakes and to never repeat that again - A true sign of a Scorpio? A lot of people love you so you will never have to feel lonely or whatever. Your egoness, not admitting to like something, etc can be annoying at times. But that's part of you that can't be changed. So, I guess most of us close one eye and let it be. Just challenge what the future holds! You're a smart kid... and a grown up now. You'll know what's best for you, I'm sure! ;)

Hanim... you're one of the nicest friends that i have! Your hardworkingness is amazing! Sometimes, it's just unbelievable the length that you'll go to help other people. We're all leaving soon... and i'm sure that i'll never meet anyone like you again. You have a pure heart, pure soul.. You're genuine! Now that's a rare breed these days. Trust me! =)

Heng Joon.... I don't know what to say about you dude! LOL! goes. You've been a great company all these while. You're definitely fun to hang with despite the fact that you're spoilt at times... Doing 'Salad' with you got us closer than what we were in Theatre class. Not forgetting, you have the whackiest idea for things! And that's not a bad thing, you should use that to your advantage! You're a very smart boy. If only you can tone down on your egoness. But as i mentioned plenty of times, that's just you and it's difficult to change. So we like you no matter what, ok? Remember that you do have great friends around, you just don't realize it. All I can say is that I'm glad I didn't drop theatre during the add/drop week.

Min Jun.... Dude!! I can't believe how much you've transformed since Algebra class! You were so quiet back then and we all thought that you're just plain snobby! And look at how you are now? You're going to Hawai'i with Lianne and we're all jealous of you! Oh, remember during our Introduction to Communication class? the poster that looked like a magazine? That's a masterpiece man! hehe. You're a great teammate to work with! And I don't think we'll ever be close if not for Lianne! But if this Langkawi trip a success, you're going to be even more closer to the gang. So i hope this works out!

Nisha.... I'm sure you're really happy to be finally transfered out. I'm glad that you're really happy in ECU. You're going to be a great journalist one day. I can actually see that! I've seen your writing and it's amazing. I missed the days that we use to eat together in subang square or just around SS15. You're very different and like Hanim, you're a genuine person. We'll definitely be in touch despite the distance that's ahead of us. I mean, i do need some contacts in the media, right? ;P

To all others; Ain, Lyn, Arnaz, Adlin, Sheila, Thilagah, Benjamin, Nisha, Akmar, Razzaq Sara, Sarah, Dhaz, Daniel.... i just wanted to say that you guys are amazing too! And I thank you for every thing, big or small, that you contributed in my life. I love you guys heaps!

With this, i end my entry with many love to all of you!


PS: If i missed anyone, please don't take any offence. You can't expect me to remember every single name, right? ;)

Thursday, August 03, 2006


I haven't smiled like this for quite some time.. It's a good feeling.. a little warm and fuzzy.. it's nice.... :)

Thursday, June 22, 2006

I need rain..

I tried reaching..but felt really far away..
You are too distant for me to reach..
I felt like I’m chasing my own shadow..
The more I run towards it, the more it runs away..

Emptiness is all I’m feeling..
But that isn’t as bad as being confused..
Especially left hanging in the open..
Waiting impatiently for the answer..

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A few drizzles of water dropping..
I tried to be happy..
I need rain..
No, I need thunderstorm..

We’re never happy with what we have.. Especially when what we have is right in front of us.. But when it’s gone… it’ll be more prominent..

The clock is ticking…And I hope you’re thinking..

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Leaned on me..

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The pages keep turning; I'll mark off each day with a cross,

And I'll laugh about all that we've lost